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You can have your dream of making your book come true !! Just use your Blog contents !! It can be a perfect X'mas or New Year gift  and a surprise to your loved one ... Simple and easy ! My Blogbook is Printed too ! 
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Red Studio是现代的博客的Studio- 红色博客工作坊, 记存Roy的空间里所有生活的惊喜, 創作, 漫画,还有喜愛的好书音乐电影介绍。希望和大家分享对生活的热枕和Passion..... 
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Blogbook is a new kind of blog creation. It can turn your invaluable blog contents into a Book, an Album, a Diary or a Megazine !! Or an archive of your blog.  You can make it a very personal gift of yours for your friends !! 「博客良品」是博客新产品,让你可轻易製作出一本独一无二及內容永远最新之书本,送礼自留作珍藏均可!Every Blogbook is unique and up-to-date. It is all done and converted auotmatically , printed and binded to your preference.你可只订購一本,你的博客內容会自动转換及打印,並按你要求釘装,一天內完成!You can make YOUR book within just ONE day!! !


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You can order just ONE sample. One SAMPLE Blogbook will cost you :

a. Simple Version 便装本: B/W 黑白 50 A5  Pages/D-sides, Soft Cover US$8
b. Economic Version 轻装本﹕Colour 彩色 50 A5 Pages/D-sides, Soft Cover, US$20
c. Luxury Version 精装本: Colour 彩色 50 A5 Pages/D-sides, Hard Cover, US$30

A 簡素版 A5サイズ50ページ 白黒両面印刷、ソフトカバー 8米ドル
B エコノミー版 A5サイズ 50ページ カラー両面印刷 ソフトカバー 20米ドル
 C 豪華版 A5サイズ 50ページ カラー両面印刷 ハードカバー 30米ドル

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T Shirt Personalization
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你更可創作和订購具有你的个性的礼品如手表 TEE 环保袋 香水 红酒 高球 坐驾等"独一无二"的!

Create your unique gifts ! You can order personalized gifts based on the contents in your blog, like watch, T-shirt, bags, wine, perfumes, car, golf ball etc.

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